Oren is truly one of the greats. LA realtors get a rap sometimes, but that certainly is not Oren. He helped us find the perfect home within our price range. Finding a home in Los Angeles can be difficult and very competitive. But with Oren we always felt like we would get the home we want!
The helpful thing about Oren is his vast knowledge on home renovation. We always wanted to find a home that we could “fix up” and make it our own. Oren guided us through the process and even offered helpful advice on what was a good idea, and what wasn’t so good.
Oren is also a licensed contractor, so we immediately hired him to install a new bathroom and kitchen in our new place, and it looks great!

I highly recommend Mr Osovski.


Oren was the realtor that helped us buy our first home. We were nervous as it was the biggest investment me and my wife had ever made. However, after meeting with Oren, we quickly became reassured and excited for our new adventure.

Oren originally met with us and gave us his well prepared presentation, educating us on the purchase process as well as letting us know exactly what Oren and his team will be doing to ensure the process runs smoothly.

The next day we started to receive active listings from our desired neighborhoods. This was extremely helpful as it gave us an idea of what was out there. We spoke with Oren on a daily basis and he would often recommend listings that would be a good fit. We went to see several of them, and finally found our home. It was a bit of a fixer, but we wanted a home we could make our own.

The great thing about Oren is that he has many years experience as a general contractor. So he really knew each and every house inside out. He would let us know what we would need to renovate, what our budget should be, and whether our ideas would be feasible. This eliminated the hassle of having to hire someone (that we don’t know) to give us an estimate that could possibly be way too high. This allowed us to gage whether the house would be worth the investment or not.

Oren’s hard work was very noticeable. He would contact us every day with an update, and see how we are doing. His knowledge on real estate is second to none. And as soon as we were ready to make an offer, he was on the phone with the listing agent negotiating.

I would highly recommend Oren if you are looking to buy your home. A tremendous realtor with an encyclopedia of knowledge. A great work ethic, and professional attitude. He always out our happiness first. What more could you ask for?


Oren help us buy our first house, he is the best Realtor out there. He is very patient, honest, caring, smart and informative. We trusted him from the first time we met him. He explained the whole process of buying a house very well to us. Which made us feel ready to go for it. He is very easy to get a hold of and is always available for you. After looking at about 30 homes in a 4 month period we finally found the best one for us. He also has a construction background which really came in handy to find the best house. If you are looking for a Realtor i highly recommend Oren!


The best, most caring, most hardworking real estate agent I ever met. And I met many over the years as the purchase of home I did with Oren’s help recently was not the first purchase I ever did.

I needed to move out of my apartment which became too small and I was planning simply to find a place to rent. Oren, a long time friend, told me that I should find a place to buy, that with his help I would be able to find the place I love and pay same or less than I would if I was renting. I said in disbelief that if he can find me a place like that, I’d be happy to buy, but I thought that nothing would come of it.

Well, I was very wrong and Oren was absolutely right. He started searching for a place, and we went to look at several condos which fit my price range. He understood very well what it is that I wanted and didn’t want. Also, I am a very busy person, a full time working mom, and he was so respectful of that, not wasting my time with places he thought would not be appropriate for me.

And then he told me that he found a perfect place. We scheduled a viewing and went on a Sunday to look at the condo he found for me. It was beyond perfect. It had all the amenities I wanted, in the exact square mile area that I was looking for and the price was lower than what I thought I would pay for a place like that. I could not believe my good fortune but I held my breath knowing that I will not be the only one making an offer on this place.

And this is where Oren worked his magic. He knew how to approach the sellers and their agent, he knew what would be a good offer to make, and long story short – my offer got accepted. After about a month, my escrow closed and I moved into my dream condo 2 months ago.

All of this happened in less than 4 months, from the first conversation I had with him to the moment of my move in. Oren knew that time was of the essence for me and he worked very hard to make this happen. I had many questions and concerns along the way, and Oren always picked up the phone and responded to me in his patient and caring way.

It’s hard to put in words all the good things I can say about Oren. I would recommend him to everyone, fully trusting that he will do the best job possible. I know he has many happy clients ahead of him, and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him.

One thing is for sure, if it wasn’t for Oren, I would not be living in my dream place now. I am eternally grateful.

E. Storey