Make Selling Your Home a Memorable Process

With Encinos Top Realtor Oren Osovski

Selling your home in Los Angeles can be a great challenge, but it is also a great opportunity. The real estate market here almost always boasts some of the top values in the country, and almost everyone wants to be a homeowner here. But, despite the many advantages to being a seller in LA, there are still steps to be taken to ensure that you get the maximum return for your investment. At ™, we have the knowledge and experience needed to help you get the best price for your home. If you are interested in putting your home on the market, contact one of Encino’s top real estate agencies to speak with our Realtor Oren Osovski today. Our top real estate agent has worked with residents in many cities from Beverly Hills to West LA.

Guide to Selling Your Home:

1. Get your home in top shape.

Just like anything else, a home commands a higher price when it looks good. Making a few improvements can go a long way in making your house a more attractive purchase. Our founder, Oren Osovski, has also been a Los Angeles general contractor for many years. He can help you make relatively inexpensive improvements to your house that will ultimately result in a higher selling price, even if your house just needs some minor repairs and a coat of paint.

2. Clean up to come up.

A clean home will always command a higher price than one that looks neglected. Clear up the clutter, shampoo the carpets, and make sure all of the surfaces are clean in order to make your place appear brighter and more inviting to potential buyers. This also applies to the appearance of the yard and exterior of the house. Remember, their perception of your home is just as important as evaluations of the fair market value.

3. Set the right mood.

Decorate your house with fresh fruit, houseplants, aromatic potpourri or air fresheners, and clean towels in the bathrooms. Although your possessions should not generally be on display, these generic items will give your home a lived-in appearance that makes it all the more inviting.

4. Make sure the price is right.

You want to maximize buyer interest while still getting a fair price for your home. Our years of experience in the Los Angeles real estate market has given our real estate agent the insight to make sure that your listing is competitive without being underpriced. We can compare your home to similar houses in similar neighborhoods, painting an accurate picture of your home’s true worth.

5. Get More with Greater LA’s Real Estate Agency

Contact our top real estate agency and let our real estate agent West Los Angeles has grown to love put your home on the market today. Although not required by law, listing your home with a Realtor will help you command a higher asking price. Many buyers lower their offers when dealing with the homeowner rather than a licensed Realtor. In addition, our experienced Realtor can help you throughout the negotiation and closing processes.

6. Screen potential buyers carefully.

Qualifying a buyer is important to do before beginning the escrow process. A good Realtor can help you screen out those who are unable to afford your home before the escrow process begins, saving you all a lot of time and money. Together, you can also weed out those potential buyers who lack a legitimate interest in your home.

7. Review the tax implications of your sale.

From Beverly Hills to West LA our top real estate agent offers professionals to review the tax implications of your sale. Having a tax professional review your sale and can help you determine the potential impact on your federal and state returns. There are many factors to consider, including the length of time you resided there, costs associated with selling, and whether you used your home partly for business or rental.

Take the Next Step with Our Top Real Estate Agency

Here at MyHomeLA ™, we can help take the guesswork out of selling your home in Los Angeles. To list your home, get in touch with one of Encino’s and West LA’s top licensed Realtor today.

“This is a man who knows his business and is a pleasure to work with. Oren is sensitive to the emotional aspects

of selling a house, and has incredible ethics about his business.” -Yelp Review

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