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MyHomeLA™ stands apart from other Greater LA’s top licensed realtors because we offer something that most of them don’t: an in-house general contracting company. Our founder, Oren Osovski, has been operating Pacific Blue Construction inc. for more than 10 years. What does that mean for home buyers and sellers? In short, it means we can help you realize the full potential of your Luxury home whether you are in the position of buying or selling. To find out how we can help you get the most out of your home, get in touch with Oren Osovski to find out how luxury home renovation can improve your home.

“Oren is a contractor, as well as a realtor. This gives him unique and valuable insights into the value of a property –
and how to handle each individual listing. ” -Los Angeles
For Our Luxury Home BuyersHaving an experienced general contractor to assist you during the process can be a great advantage especially when they are also one of Encino’s top licensed Realtor. Because of which this will effectively double your field of potential homes for purchase. We know all the local regulations, meaning we can advise you on the remodeling possibilities for any given luxury home. This is especially useful when you find a home that’s in the right neighborhood, but fails to quite live up to your expectations. In cases like these, we can let you know what the potential is for that house and, with the money you save up front on the purchase price, we can help improve your new home with our luxury home renovation and make it a luxury home specifically for you.

We offer all-in-one buying and remodeling services, handling every step of the process from beginning to end. We handle the planning and design, secure the permits, and complete the work on time, every time. Oren even has a degree in Design, and with his luxury home renovation he has helped transform countless Los Angeles homes into livable works of art. We can unlock the potential in almost any piece of property, meaning you can truly have your dream home even if it isn’t on the market.

For Our Luxury Home SellersHaving a contractor work on your house when you’re putting it on the market may seem like a waste of time, but it’s not if the right upgrades are performed. It’s kind of like selling your car: a few cents worth of elbow grease can result in a significantly higher selling price. In some cases, home renovations may even be required by local regulations before a sale can take place. With over a decades’ worth of experience working on Luxury homes in the Los Angeles area, our licensed realtor knows exactly what each property needs to pass inspection and get the maximum return on investment.

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Whether you are currently interested in buying, selling, or even renovating your current home, MyHomeLA ™ has everything you need to transform your home to a luxury home with just simple renovations. To learn more about the luxury home renovation services we offer, get in touch with Greater LA’s top licensed Realtor and remodeling contractor Oren Osovski.

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